Victim Stew

Haven’t been writing as of late; so here is something I did a few months ago.

Victim Stew

Victim culture as it stands is part and parcel of

The lands. Expect integrity; though take offense for

Sure when public true; you never know what benefits

That victim status brings to you. Keep in mind; it’s said

The loudest voice will always win; so be sure to scream

To heart’s content. And with this advice you should begin.

Oppressed and Shamed, the titles that you seek. In seeking

Them you knell the Meek and stoke the Flamed. A titled earned,

By you it’s claimed, wear your badge with honor bound. In this

There is something profound. A warning though; so listen

Close. In striving through to status gained you may upset

The ill profaned. Abandon reason for it will halt

Your progress to that sacred vault. Filled with riches true,

Status found; victim stew. Something made; it’s just for you.

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