Ghazal of Gold

Ghazal of Gold


Red silks that wrap and hold; details inlaid with gold.

Bangles bright with bells held tight; jingles set in gold.


Her movement is a feat; it’s something to behold.

That royal beat; in transmuting stone to gold.


Her arms display a grace, from that the tales are told.

Movement right with steady pace; hands adorned in gold.


Her eyes are alchemy, tinctures that don’t withhold.

They connect with me, whilst coating my heart in gold.


Her hair’s black as despair; but nothing just as old.

Dark shades soaring through the air, spreading musk of gold.


Her voice leaves one in awe; it isn’t something sold.

As it moves us all, it’s pure honey mixed with gold.


A dance that is behest; encountered by Saleem.

From it we see the best; that is a dance of gold.

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