Hello folks.

Been working on my own language for quite a bit now and it has finally entered the stage where I can make legible sentences with it. I have enough words (about 100?) as well so I thought I would show it off and see what people think and get any tips or advice on the theory behind it. I am a linguistics graduate student in progress so I will probably be working on this for a long time. First though, some sentences! Yay!

Bala Mari vakàshmu mazakemva?

`Bala    Mari         vakàsh-mu                 ma-zakem-va?`

`why    mari-SU    circumambulate-PP    the-tree-DO?`

Why did Mari circumambulate the tree?

Marivarum misammu mavàra’va mujam mapira’.

`Marivarum          misam-mu    ma-vàra’-va      mujam     ma-pira’.`

`marivarum-SU    put-PP           the-water-DO    near          the-fire.`

Marivarum put the water near the fire.

Bahar narekmu vana mushakamva.

`Bahar          narek-mu    vana    mushakam-va.`

`bahar-SU     expose-PP    her      avarice-DO.`

Bahar exposed her avarice.

Mari hiramme.

`Mari          hiram-me.`

`mari-SU    tears-FUT.`

Mari is going to cry.

(my first attempt at glossing btw)



M [m], N [n], V [β], H [h], Y [j], Z [z], L [l], P [p], B [b], D [d], G [g], J [ʒ], K [k], R [ɾ], S [s], T [t], Sh [ʃ], Th [θ], ‘ [ʔ]

Bilabial Dental Alveolar Post Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Plosive p, b t d k, g ʔ
Nasal m n
Tap/Flap ɾ
Fricative β θ s, z ʃ, ʒ h
Approx j
Lat Approx l



À [æ] (as in ”apple”),

A [ɑ] (as in “pot”),

E [ɛ] (as in “pet”),

I [i] (as in “see”),

U [u] (as in “do”)

Word Construction:

One of the major features I want from making this language is for it to be useable, even if only by myself. I do intend to use it in a very practical way once I get a heftier vocabulary going on. I make the words manually though I use an awkwords generator for inspiration. Here are the settings if anyone is interested; though it does produce some invalid words. (nouns cannot end in ma, me, mu, or va as these are grammatical affixes)

V: a/i/u/e/à

C: m*4/n*4/v*4/h*2/y/z/l*4/p*3/b*2/d*3/g*3/j*2/k*4/r*2/s*4/t*2/sh*4/’*2

N: am/um/VC


Grammar (so far):

The language is also meant to be inflected so that word order does not matter at all. The interesting thing is that all content words are nouns, including verbs. And verbs and their tenses are determined via affixes.

`”-ma” is present tense.

”-me” is future tense.

”-mu” is past tense.`

I am currently working on how to determine subjects and objects, currently the direct object is determined by appending the affix “-va” to the noun that the action is being done to. I have not figured the rest out so currently the language is semi-inflected. This is why there is no indirect object indicator in the second example. The subject is just the root of the noun.

Anyways, I think that covers it really. I am working on a vocabulary slowly, maybe a dozen words a day. At some point I need to just sit down and pump out a lot of words.