Stream of Consciousness #94866

They say there’s magic in the words, but the “magic” is the pattern. A potential for possession every session that we reckon yet I reckon that its wreckin an ability to shine. So, the objectif is to seize these words with abject difference against the sayers of the nay. What game is it, the one they play? The same it is the one they say about the players in the play. To that I say: Do hearken to the meanings of the words and in the meanings find your way. No possession and no djinni, just the patterns of the day. When up goes up and down goes down, when stillness breaks for motioned sound. It’s speech and motion, dressed renowned, that possess the patterns found. Emotional chord, commotion stored in the heart that hearkens to the plucking of the patterns. In words, in thoughts, in sex and sound. You can find these patterns all around.