I didn’t forget..

I did not forget about this blog; however I am just finishing up my degree and will be done in a week or two. I am also working on constructing my own language called Manava (grammar and vocabulary ; both are very much a work in progress.) To not leave people with nothing to read (because I just happen to have sooo ! many followers), I present you with another poem!


He is a grievous golden crocodile;

And his seduction of himself is known.

Beware the scales that split and stir the Nile.

How he bathes himself with skill and guile;

How it betrays his callous nature known.

He is a grievous golden crocodile.

He is a lazy beast that’s still and wile;

With his hiss low toned as a warning known.

Beware the scales that split and stir the Nile.

He is a happy fellow with that smile;

Where his serrated blades are always shown.

He is a grievous golden crocodile.

Little fishy swim, hide yourself awhile.

Skulking by, the ‘dile wants not to be shown.

Beware the scales that split and stir the Nile.

Snap! Little fishy fated to join bile.

Inside the belly is a horror shown.

He is a grievous golden crocodile.

Beware the scales that split and stir the Nile.

Ghazal Time #1; “One Day”


One day spent in her sight; a genuine delight.

That night’s activity; my dear sanguine delight.

Rapt by those ebon locks; as I rouse from the sight.

Enshrined by golden bows; a celandine delight.

Each thread is poised to frame; each little curl done right.

My heart has fallen through; a realigned delight.

Her ever present gaze; I am her acolyte.

A charm to me unveiled; a serpentine delight.

Engulfed by love’s expanse; I flutter in the night.

Towards those onyx eyes; a saccharine delight.

I am tranquility; blessed by her lunar light.

I marvel at its gleam; a crystalline delight.

I am attenuate; struck by her form and might.

Saleem has spent one day; a genuine delight.

So, this isn’t exactly my first ghazal, I have written a few before this one that were not as complete. I spent maybe 10-12 hours on this one over the course of about a week. There is not much to say about it honestly that is not apparent. The choice of the word delight was kind of tough to make. I had several iterations of this poem with other refrains that were just not working out as well. This poem has broken a rule and added one that the form doesn’t normally have to compensate.  Ghazal poems are meant to have a strict meter which this poem doesn’t really have. Though the syllable count is strict. To compensate for that I opted to rhyme every line ending. In normal Ghazals one does not rhyme the end of the first line in each couplet with the second.

English is such a rough language though, that poems like these with strict meter and rhyming tend to be much more difficult than they should; than they are in their native languages (Arabic and Urdu in this case). Perhaps this contributes to the disdain for proper poetry in America by academics and poets alike.


This is going to be the storage space for all of my random facebook and IG postings. Though, in an edited and more structured format. There will be strange posts here, there will be random poetry, there will be commentary on art, poetry, society, and religion. There will be things some will deem as offensive; you have been warned. There will be the random musings of a white American male who converted to Islam around the 2005ish mark. There will be the random musings from someone with a degree in sociology and an eventual degree in linguistics. There will be the random musings from a guy who believes words are magic, that gems have power, and that there is a such thing as the metaphsyical world. There will be all of that and more; at random intervals. Feel free to look around once I actually get some content on here. If you post crap comments on anything I reserve the right to delete your mess without explanation. Oh yeah, and don’t forget – she is watching you.