This is going to be the storage space for all of my random facebook and IG postings. Though, in an edited and more structured format. There will be strange posts here, there will be random poetry, there will be commentary on art, poetry, society, and religion. There will be things some will deem as offensive; you have been warned. There will be the random musings of a white American male who converted to Islam around the 2005ish mark. There will be the random musings from someone with a degree in sociology and an eventual degree in linguistics. There will be the random musings from a guy who believes words are magic, that gems have power, and that there is a such thing as the metaphsyical world. There will be all of that and more; at random intervals. Feel free to look around once I actually get some content on here. If you post crap comments on anything I reserve the right to delete your mess without explanation. Oh yeah, and don’t forget – she is watching you.